Havoly sprouted from a hobby. The Ithaca Generator granted me access to a variety of tools and machines. A wood lathe, 3d printer, welder, and nearly every wood working tool under the sun, but the machine that stood out the most, and still seems to amaze me today, is the laser.

You could honestly probably think of a new thing you could make on a laser engraver every single day. Boxes, tokens, coasters, paper cutouts, acrylic jewelry, and on and on and on.

Most machines can cut through a quarter inch piece of hardwood in a single pass, and can etch the finest amount of detail as well.  It's like putting a cnc router on the tip of a pin, but instead of drilling or boring out material, it burns it, leaving only smoke and dust behind.

How'd I get into making mostly wedding items? I fell into it. A friend showed me a picture of something she wanted, and I made it for her. One of her friends liked it and wanted one, I listed the item on Etsy, and the rest is history.

I get to do what I enjoy, everyday. Design, build, create...Make. And I hope there is no end in sight.

Mission Statement

To create and build things people can truly appreciate and cherish for a lifetime. To leave people with a great taste in their mouth; loving and admiring what they've received.

Want Something Made?

Don't be shy, contact me. I do custom stuff all the time. Signs, puzzles, frames, engraved artwork. There's a good chance I can make what you're looking for, and there's an even better chance you'll love it.