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How it all started


Havoly sprouted from a hobby.  Whenever I had free time on the weekends, I’d head to the makerspace in Ithaca, NY which was closest to me.  For a small monthly fee, I was given access to all sorts of tools and machines.  Welders, 3d printers, and table saws to name a few, but what really caught my eye was the laser machine.  The thing engraves your designs in such fine detail and there is nearly no limit to the variety of things you can make with one.

I was just messing around, whatever the next idea was that popped in my head, I’d make.  One day I designed a few bar tokens and etched them on some wood.  Those got in the hands of a friend, who put them in the hands of the bar owner.  He absolutely loved them and wanted more. My first order was born.

Friends then asked for personalized items, businesses were after things like magnets, keychains or some other unique and modern marketing piece. And more bars wanted tokens of their own.

I thought, I may have something here, and decided to give it a go.  Not everybody can say they do what they truly love everyday. I’m hoping I get that chance.


Casey Griswold


Mission Statement

To bring quality products to people and business’ alike and to leave customers happy and satisfied with a good taste in their mouth.

To bring about unique products which are admired and cherished.