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How Havoly Was Born & What is AheadCasey at Ithaca Makerspace


Havoly sprouted from a hobby.  Whenever I had free time on the weekends, I’d head to the maker space in Ithaca, NY, the Ithaca Generator, which was closest to me.  For a small monthly fee, I was given access to all sorts of tools and machines.  Welders, 3d printers, and table saws to name a few, but what really caught my eye was the laser machine.  The thing engraves your designs in such fine detail and there is nearly no limit to the variety of things you can make with one.

Not only would I have never guessed this hobby would sprout into a business, but if you told me I’d be mainly making wedding items, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Things happen in the blink of an eye.  A friend asked for a drop top framed guest book, which I never even knew existed before then.  She loved it, and wasn’t the only one.  I soon made another for one of her friends.  Someone suggested I list them on etsy, and the rest is history.

I now have my own space, right next to the maker space where I got my start.  I’m also fortunate enough to say I do this full time and have an employee, Casey Work ShopZach.  He’s been a huge help and has a very keen eye for detail, which I greatly appreciate.

I’m at the stage now, where if I want to stay successful, I have to stay current and develop new products.  I don’t get many repeat customers, so finding new ones is an everyday task.  This is also why I’m always open to suggestions and custom orders.  Who knows what may be the next big thing.  So, if you have an idea of something I can make for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I do custom work all the time, and some of my most popular items have been from people asking me to make them something.

I also spend a ton of time in my shop.  Far more hours than I did at my 9-5 before I started doing this full time.  But I can say without a doubt, I love it.  I love designing, building, creating…Making.



Casey Griswold

Mission Statement

To bring quality products to people and business’ alike and to leave customers happy and satisfied with a good taste in their mouth.

To bring about unique products which are admired and cherished.