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Conservation and Non-Profits

We’ve partnered with two organizations, REST and GCF. A quarter of all sales go directly to them. Get cool stuff & support wildlife…It’s a WIN/WIN

How does it work?

We’ve designed a range of products for each organization. For every purchase of a REST or GCF product, 25% of the sale goes directly to the applicable organization.

Global Conservation Force

Wildlife Conservation

Known for it’s strong ground patrol presence and anti-poaching units, The Global Conservation Force works hard to keep endangered animals such as rhinos, elephants and giraffes alive. They also raise awareness and educate students and communities on the current wildlife crisis.

  • Keep Rhinos Horny License Plate Cover

    Keep Rhinos Horny License Plate Frame

  • Keep Rhinos Horny Switch Plate Cover

    Keep Rhinos Horny Switch Plate Cover

  • global conservation force wood coaster set

    Endangered Animal Wood Coaster Set

  • GCF Wood Key Holder

    Endangered Animal Wood Key Holder

Rare & Endangered Species Trust

Endangered Animal Conservation

An orgization since 2000 and based out of Namibia, The Rare and Endangered Species Trust shines a light on the lesser known yet essential endangered animals. They allow visitors close up tours of the animals while educating them about these rare creatures.

  • REST Ornament Pangolin Wooden Havoly

    REST Ornament

  • REST License Cover

    REST License Plate Frame

  • Pangolin Puzzle

    REST Pangolin Puzzle

  • Rare & Endangered Species Trust Switch Plate Cover

    REST Switch Plate Cover


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