Custom. Unique. Handmade.

Welcome to Havoly! We are a small business which makes all sorts of unique laser-engraved and cut wooden items. These things aren't found everyday. Those whose eyes fall upon them cannot help but appreciate their intriguing concept and meticulous craftsmanship. Quality is our main focus.

We have thousands of happy customers, and over 500 nearly perfect reviews (see most of them in the Esty shop) We work hard to make sure every item that goes out the door meets high standards. Moreover, you will always find the best prices here on the website. 

We want everyone who places an order to love their purchase. And if you decide to make an order, we know you will receive a fine product at a good value.

Puzzle Guest Books

As of today, our most popular puzzle shapes are the tree, heart, letter and state. All of the puzzles are cut from quality 3/16" maple ply. All varieties come either with or without a border. They range from as few as 25 pieces, all the way up to 250 pieces and beyond.

The puzzle pieces vary in size and shape but they are mostly large enough to allow a fair amount of written text; certainly much more than just a name or two. Because of this, the overall sizes of the puzzles grow and can get quite large.

Every line and curve is hand-drawn, and each piece is unique. you won't find identical cookie cut puzzle pieces here!

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Drop Top Guest Books

The heart and tree are the two main styles of drop top frames we make. Both come in a variety of sizes, with frames as small as 8" x 10" all the way up to 18" x 24" The signed pieces (leaves or hearts) also come in 3 sizes, making these frames suitable to fit most event sizes, big or small. Choose from a white, grey or black frame and choose any background color under the sun.

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Custom Work

Have an idea for a different puzzle shape?  Maybe you want something other than hearts and leaves for the drop top pieces? Or do you have a completely different idea in mind for something you want made? We do custom work all the time. Most recently we've made a 300 piece bordered cactus puzzle, Navy plane drop tops, a Disney castle puzzle, a fox baby shower drop top, and much more. If you have an idea in mind for something unique and custom to your event, chances are we can make it, and there's a good chance you'll love it.  Drop us a message, you'll probably be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every single pen we have come across works for writing on the wood pieces. We suggest just a regular bic pen, as it allows for fine detail with no risk of bleeding. We have never seen bleeding occur with a fine tip sharpie, but two people in the past said they have experienced some slight bleeding with them. All wood is different, and the pores in it open and close in different climates and humidity. We include a blank piece of wood you can test different pens on to find which works best for you.

Pieces get misplaced and kids are known for walking off with them at weddings. We can make you replacement pieces for around .75 each plus shipping costs, which is $2.77 for USPS first class. You should also know that the designs of these puzzles change over time, sometimes there are thin weak spots which need to be made thicker, and sometimes the overall size of the puzzles is every so slightly changed to accomodate the machine. Therefore, if you need replacement pieces, it’s best to contact us ASAP so there’s a better chance we have the exact size pieces which will fit your puzzle.

Nowadays, it typically takes us 7-10 days from when an order goes in, to when we get it to the post office. We do rush orders quite a bit. We’re also very mindful of when wedding/event dates are. If we have 20 open orders with the majority of the events being 2 months out, but one wedding which is 2 weeks out, we make the 2 week out wedding our highest priority. If you need something in a rush (2 weeks or less), it’s best to contact us and hopefully we can work something out.

The instruction signs which tell guests to sign a piece are free, if you share a photo of your guest book on our facebook page. Simply like the page before placing your order and when you receive your guest book, take a picture of it and post it on our facebook page. It’s that easy. Alternatively, you can purchase one. If you don’t have facebook, shoot us a message and we may be able to work something else out. We’re happy to help those who help us.

The puzzle pieces are on average a good size. They vary in shape and slightly vary in size. Some will be a bit larger than others, but for they most part they have a good size to them. They certainly allow more than just a name or two to be written on them. Here’s an example on a piece written on and the amount of text it allows:

signed puzzle piece | Havoly

It’s impossible to say how many guests will sign a piece. Couples also tend to sign one piece as a pair. Therefore, we believe you will be fine with a guestbook which has or holds 50-75% of your guest count. For example, if you’re having a wedding with 100 guests, we believe you will be fine with a 75 piece puzzle or drop top. That is just a suggestion. Again, it’s impossible to know for sure how many pieces will be signed.

Unfortunately, it happens about 1/50 times where a frame is snapped or glass is broken or chipped. We do our best to make sure it doesn’t, but some things are just out of our hands. Packages are loaded on conveyors, are dropped from sizable heights, and some handlers are just careless. Don’t freak out. Send us a picture of your damaged item as well as the packaging and we’ll most likely get you a replacement. The more pictures the better, because we will need them to file a claim with the shipping carrier.